Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GTK+ Map Viewer

Recently, I developed a simple map viewer for my Zaurus with GTK+.

Because most map image file is very big, from several MB to tens MB, it is very inconvenient to view map with ordinary image viewer, especially for embedded system like PDA and mobile phone.

This program is developed to facilitate map viewing, the basic idea behind it is:
  1. The big map image file is splitted into many small image files, loaded on demand to reduce memory requirement.
  2. The big map image file is pre-scaled too, because scaling a big image file is also a memory/CPU hungry task.
Some other useful feature for a map viewer is also provided. For example, personal marks can be added to a map. A map making tools is also provided to facilitate splitting and scaling the big map image file.

The source code of the program can be download from:


Stand Alone Complex said...

The map viewer is the killer application for mobile device.

Anonymous said...

can you tell me what the format of map?
if possible,please send a email to me,thank you!

Anonymous said...

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