Friday, May 8, 2009

Why MID?

What I need for a Mobile device

  • Fast from picking up to using (Fast boot)
  • light, easy for taking and hand holding
  • Applications
    • Web browsering
    • Electric book
    • Online video and offline video
    • PIM
    • Game
    • GPS?

MID vs Notebook

  • Fast from picking up to using: fast boot time or always suspend to RAM instead of power off.
  • lighter, easy for taking and hand holding
  • Screen is too small for some applications, especially most web page, PDF, DJVU ebooks
  • Notebook has better Linux support, some application has best usability on Notebook.

MID vs Smartphone

  • Screen is bigger, although smaller than Notebook, much better than smartphone's.
  • OS is compatible with Desktop ones (Linux or Windows), most desktop applications can run on MID. Although Linux based smartphone can run most desktop applications too, the resource of most smartphone is not enough for desktop application.
  • Computing resource of MID (CPU, RAM, storage) is much better than smartphone.
  • Smartphone is all-in-one solution, that is, you can bring just smartphone or smartphone AND MID.
  • Smartphone has GPRS support in China, while most MID has not.
  • Some smartphone application is good for small screen, such as ucweb for web browsing. Some desktop application is not good for small screen, even bigger screen of MID.


Notebook(X61T) MID (no yet) Smartphone(N78) PDA (Zaurus)
Fast usage 1 4.5 5 4.5
Weight 1 4.5 5 5
Browsing 5 4 ~ 4.5 3 (ucweb) 2
EBook 5 3 ~ 3.5 2.5 (screen) 3
Online Video 5 4.5 0 (no WIFI) 0 (too slow)
Offline Video 5 4.5 4 3.5
PIM 4 4 4 3
Game 5 5 2 (keypad) 4
GPS 0 5 (maybe) 5 0


  • Although MID should be better than smartphone, there is no good choice until now. Aigo or Vilivs is too expensive. Smart Q5 is not better than Zaurus (No stable software too). Most functions of MID can be accomplished with smartphone.
  • Notebook + smartphone is good for now, waiting for better MID.

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