Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Try to use Lisp As My Second Language

Linux kernel programming is my job, so C is my first language. But C is not high level enough for some work such as generating a HTML report from a git repository. So I use python as my second language.
Now I think about using lisp as my second language. Because
  • It is high level enough.
  • It has some interesting features like macro. It is said I can build my own mini-language with it.
  • I want to learn meta-programming and compiler. Lisp macro can be a start point of them.
  • I love Emacs, I need lisp to customize my Emacs.
The two main lisp dialects now are scheme and common lisp. I have learn something about basic scheme (without macro) and common lisp macro (through "On Lisp"). I will start with common lisp, because from google, it seems to be more practical than scheme, which is considered somewhat academic style.

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