Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog with muse

Recently I decide to use muse as my primary composing tool. Because:

  • Easy to use.
  • Mark based instead of WYSIWYG. Full control of output and document structure.
  • Can convert to many other format, including docbook and latex. So if formating capability of muse is not enough, we can use other format instead later.

To use muse to write blog (mainly for blogspot):

  • Instal muse-el
  • Add "(require 'muse-blosxom)" into your .emacs
  • Write your blog in emacs with muse mode.
  • "C-c C-t" to generate output in blosxom-html format.
  • Open generated blosxom-html, "C-x h" to mark whole buffer, "M-!" to run a external shell script on your current buffer to do some post-processing. The shell script can be as follow.
 sed -e '1d' -e '/^#postdate/d' | tr '\r\n' '  ' 

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