Saturday, January 30, 2010

Linux Softwares for Desktop


EBook management
  • I need an ebook management software, like rhythmbox for musics or f-spot for photos.
Photo management
  • F-spot is an exellent software for photo management. I love it! But it is not very stable, hope it can improve with the time.
  • Comix is good for comics, although I seldom use it.
Music management
  • I think rhythmbox is good. It seems that MP3 ID3 tags editing changes some internal database instead of file itself.
  • For convert the encoding of ID3 tag of MP3 file from GBK to UTF-8, you can use python-mutagen. Command line is: "mid3iconv -e gbk .mp3".
  • To edit ID3 tags of MP3 file, exfalso is good. It seems that easytag is better?


  • I think backup2l is good for me, because it is very easy to configure.
  • I run backup2l in my working machine for periodic backuping, use rsync to synchronize the backup files to my portable backup hard disk.
  • rsync is used to backup my N78 phone information. It will be run automatically upon plug via ".autorun" mechanism.

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